The Rev. Al Sharpton
Chicken & Waffles (Fried or Smothered)

 $1.00 Additional for White Meat
The Carl S. Redding
Amy Ruth's Original Waffles
The Tommy Tomita
Waffles with Fried Chicken Wings
The Lloyd Williams
Waffles with Boneless Rib-Eye Steak
The Ret. Chief Joseph Leake
Waffles w/Bacon or Pork Sausage (beef sausage or ham add 1.00)
The Monica Brown
Waffles with Fried Whiting
The Rev. Thomas Johnson
Waffles with Fried Catfish
The Jennifer Holiday
Waffles with Fried Shrimp
The Guy Woods & Shay Barnett
Waffles with Cinnamon, Fresh Bananas & Pecans
The Sister Jannette Robinson
Original Waffles w/ Fresh Strawberries

The Bishop Charles Reed
Original Waffles w/ Fresh Sauteed Apples
The Gregory & Gloria Page
Original Waffles w/  Blueberries
The City Councilwoman Inez Dickens
5 Grain Waffle
The Natasha Anderson
Original Waffle & Pork Chop


Amy Ruth's uses 100% PURE Maple Syrup 

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